An adventurer and outdoor lover at heart, I have spent the last ten years consuming practices and techniques of small businesses and entrepreneurs.  I crave new information and have more passion for life than I often know what do with.  Unchecked, I would haphazardly wander the planet striking up conversations to gain insight and new perspectives on the world, searching for new and beautiful experiences.  Or I might be a food blogger, or a photographer or….you get my point….I have a lot of passion.

I, like many others, was detrimentally dedicated to my craft – accountable, loyal and committed to achieving results and making a meaningful contribution to my industry.  I climbed the ladder from intern to business partner; holding positions within financial management, business development, marketing, and operations. I used my strengths of organization and detail to create systems and standards that allowed me to hand over actionable processes and manage more with less.  I pushed aside personal interests, health, relationships for my professional world and learned the hard way what it really means to lack a healthy work-life balance.

I decided several years ago to simplify my life and live with stronger intentions.  No longer would I mindlessly move through each day going after the next challenge before me.  I took a few months to do some much neglected visiting with friends and traveled our beautiful country (you can follow the “just for fun blog” at Though my passions are quite broad, the common denominator: I want to do a lot.   Eat a lot.  Hike a lot.  Laugh a lot.  Paddleboard a lot.  Learn a lot.  Teach a lot.  I want it all and the only way to achieve this is to do it efficiently and effectively.

I constantly work to systemize my world and excel at taking big picture goals and prioritizing the everyday tasks to get there.

I now share my knowledge and experience within the realm of operational systems, organization, and planning with others.  My goals are to provide a meaningful contribution to community success while enjoying the food, music, friendships and environment it has to offer.  I strive to be a catalyst for others doing the same.