We help you define and measure current operating procedures to allow a big picture view of profitability. With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, Frenzy to Freedom specializes in systematizing the following:qtq80-nXfcTf

  • Training programs, checklists, and manual creation
  • Organizational structuring
  • Change management
  • Financial measuring and modeling
  • Business plan development and assessment
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Client and vendor relationship management
  • Invoicing, human resource management, time and labor and payroll administration
  • Quality control
  • Efficiency & productivity improvement
  • Team organization
  • Team member motivation with strength-specific behavior analysis
  • Brand standards
  • Client and market surveys
  • Website design
  • Direct marketing
  • Customer onboarding and engagement
  • Vendor pricing analysis, tariff review, and strategic profitability
  • Experience within B2B and B2C

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“Doers” by nature, we utilize multiple platforms and work with expert partners across fields to ensure our standard of service [guarantee].  A few of the resources we have experience using are:

  • Design: Canva, Picmonkey, Photoshop
  • Payroll: Paychex, SimplePay
  • Marketing: Salesforce, Google Analytics, Emma, Constant Contact, Mailchimp
  • Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Organizational: Salesforce, Google Calendar, EasilyDo
  • Website: Squarespace, WordPress.com
  • Strategy: Salesforce, QuickBooks, Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Behavioral: DISC, StrengthsFinder, Workplace Motivators, Fascinator

Efficiency for Work = Enjoyment of Life


Why are these services valuable to you?  More time.  More Money.  Less hand holding so you can enjoy life.


  • Ensure the services and products delivered by your team meet the standard of which you promise to your clients.
  • Decrease in staff allocation time of client management by systemizing repetitive activities.
  • Decrease in training periods due to ease of onboarding as a result of clearly defined standards and protocols.
  • Increased productivity and engagement within teams. People placed in the right positions of your organization will lead to happier, more engaged, and optimally efficient employees.
  • Identify profit and productivity leakages within your business.
  • Utilize the most up to date resources, literature, and programs to provide a customized solution to your biggest headaches and to increase efficiency within your organization.
  • Strategic reduction in the cost of goods/expenses or increased marketing tactics as a result of systemized goal and milestone reviews.
  • Strategic product pricing due to industry trend analysis.

You are the expert within your niche – let us help you define, assess, and systemize a plan for continued success.

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