You can depend on me to increase efficiency and profitability within your business even if you aren't a detailed person.   

"She has the extraordinary skill of creating systems where none exist, and applying them in a way that lets everybody around her work much more efficiently. Through her amazing attention to detail, she is able to generate time- and cost savings in the arenas of finance, operations and marketing strategies."

"Responsible to the last minute, Megan created systems and manuals about every aspect of her job that has allowed us to integrate others into the tasks that she once oversaw."

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Business Support to Leverage your Systems and your Team

Satisfying the need to organize overwhelming demands upon small business owners, we facilitate the creation of systems and standards that free up time, resources, and ensure consistency. With an outside perspective and eye for efficiency, Frenzy to Freedom provides business support for you and your team to gather a snapshot, analyze and plan for greater success.

Small businesses often have a clear plan for providing a product or service within their industry.  Entrepreneurs are experts within their niche. We are experts at bringing order.

Setting Standards

We determine critical functions and ensure that standardization is in place to maintain efficiency and a consistent level of service or product.

Saving Time

We analyze current systems, identifying new programs or procedures that could take the place of inefficient ones. Simplify the training of employees and allow customers to help themselves.

Planning for Success

By spending the time to perfect systems, more energy can be put forth to work ON your business rather than IN your business.  Empower your team and your customers to go further without extra work hours.

Enjoying our World

Finding a work-life balance is the key to winning the game of life.  Personal goals are often overlooked but have equal importance in creating productive and forward advancing services and products in our ever-changing world.  Planning and process implementation are critical components to ensuring there is enough time in the day for a well-balanced life.  By operating with efficiency on a clearly defined path, we allow ourselves to progress both our personal and professional lives simultaneously.

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