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Not sure how this translates to your business needs?  Are you ready for time and cost savings?  Would dedication, attention to detail, and accountability take you to the next level?

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Megan Fries worked for my company for over 11 years. Loyal, dedicated, extremely hard working, she is one of those employees that you wonder how you can ever do without. Responsible to the last minute, Megan created systems and manuals about every aspect of her job that has allowed us to integrate others into the tasks that she once oversaw. I would have happily attended her retirement party 20 years hence, although probably in a decrepit state due to our difference in age, but she has new horizons to conquer and we have to be grateful for her amazing contributions to our organization over the years. We miss her greatly

Charles J. Kropke, CEO, Margaritaville Adventures   

Few people have the pleasure of working with such a dedicated professional like Megan. Over the course of over 10 years I saw her continuously and tirelessly acquiring new skills, which she in turn reinvested vigorously by employing them in all of her work. She rapidly advanced through several promotions all the way to the position of Director of Operations. She has the extraordinary skill of creating systems where none exist, and applying them in a way that lets everybody around her work much more efficiently. Through her amazing attention to detail, she is able to generate time- and cost savings in the arenas of finance, operations and marketing strategies.
I have enjoyed tremendously working with Megan and will miss her committed and loyal nature that drives her to make everything she does a win-win-win.

Uwe Doeringer, Managing Partner, Dragonfly Expeditions